“…It suddenly hit me, I am a mother. I will never be a maiden again. And in that moment I felt sad. Not because I am a mother, but because I felt I never got to say goodbye to that maiden. When my body was firm, my breasts were perky… I still had no love, respect or appreciation for her. I wanted to go back in time and hug her and tell her she was so loved. So I sent her some love and in a sense mourned her. After 11 months of motherhood my breasts are soft and definitely not perky, my belly plump and I have cellulite everywhere. All of it really, it’s like wearing a badge of honour. What a privilege to bring life into this world….I know we live in a society in which so much emphasis is held on obtaining and maintaining the maiden, but there is great beauty and joy in the mother.. and no doubt the crone!”

A post on Instagram by @the.cosmic.seedling. 30th June.


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