Alex O’Sullivan

From the nuanced and delicate short story by Alex O’Sullivan, Nothing for Dinner. I think she does a good job at capturing the experience of drudgery and importance motherhood can be. It’s really quite subtle. The following is a couple of little excerpts I’ve pulled out.

‘She felt like she was living in a kind of grey zone, the world had lost its sharpness of edges, everything was blurred…..She knew what people meant now when they talked about getting through something. Somehow, she had to get through this lifetime of dinners and dishes. In between the getting through was the filling in…..She felt like she was a stretched elastic band, unable to snap back. She had let the idea of a proper family stretch away from her. She had felt her husband pulling away, staying out later and later at the office, and she had just let him stretch the band, longer and longer until it could never snap back, and so he had gone. In a way she could understand it, if you had the chance to go, before you become a useless, broken rubber band like the person you are living with who has no energy for you anymore.’

The full story is published on Feminartsy, here.


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